about Us

Based in the heart of the Chilterns and close to the M40, we pride ourselves on being customer focused and ensuring that safety is our top priority.

Licenced by the CAA and fully insured with public liability, we are permitted to fly up to altitudes of 400ft (120m). We are specialists in UAV drone aerial filming and use leading-edge remotely controlled UAV drones equipped with professional video recording equipment, allowing us to offer both aerial and ground based filming services for promotional, broadcast, commercial and private needs.

All operators are RPQ certified, ensuring the highest standards in safety and operations. Our drones are able to safely and efficiently obtain aerial photographs or video you require with detail and precision that just can't be achieved by traditional aerial photography. All aerial photographs and videos on our website are taken using our own equipment.

Because all of our footage is digital – we can see the UAV photography or video results live from the ground using a video downlink. All images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling full control of the filming angles and framing, viewed on our ground station monitors by you.

 We can reach 70% of places a real helicopter can and 100% of where they can’t and at a fraction of the cost and at a moment’s notice. The days and costs of having an expensive helicopter on the ground waiting for the right opportunity have gone.

We offer a unique service which suits the needs of our customers and can produce fully complied films from shooting, colour grading and editing.