Based in the heart of Oxfordshire, just off the M40, we pride ourselves that safety is paramount and our clients needs are we are highly customer focused. 

Airborne Views is permitted to fly up to altitudes of 400ft (120m). We are specialists in Drone aerial filming, using aerial camera platforms, which are state of the art, providing ultra smooth, full HD film. Thus, upon completion of  the required CAA License, we will be allowed to provide aerial filming services for promotional, broadcast, commercial and private needs. We are awaiting CAA approved and RPQ-s certified, ensuring the highest standards in safety and operations. Our drones are able to fly safely and efficiently to obtain 12 mega pixel aerial photographs or 4K HD video, with detail and precision that cannot be achieved by traditional aerial photography. All aerial photographs and videos are, at present, taken using the Phantom 3 Professional. We will be fully insured with £2 Million public liability.

Because all of our footage is digital, we can see the photography or video results live, using a video downlink. All images from the air can be viewed in real time, enabling full control of the filming angles and framing, on our ground station monitors and seen by you.

 We can reach 70% of places a real helicopter can and 100% of where they can’t and at a fraction of the cost and at a moment’s notice (I know this to be true, with over 500hrs as Aircrew on Helicopters). The days and costs of having an expensive helicopter on the ground waiting for the right opportunity have gone. We offer a unique service which suits the needs of our customers. 



Naturally, we can advise any customer of which shooting angles we feel will work best. Drones or UAV's, creatively and technically have very few limits, when filming. We find our customers are pleasantly surprised by the creative possibilities, using elevated filming and photography, with our drones. We are able to fly 1.2km in any direction and from the ground up to 400ft. Points of view and shooting angles, which up until recently, were only available to large budget productions, are now available to all, through the use of aerial camera platforms. We love speaking to clients to ensure that we will get the most dramatic and exciting footage possible.